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End of Summer Reflections

Jennifer CervelliComment

Happy September! This summer has been a whirlwind of adventure for me, this summer was dedicated to growth and inspiration. I took a mini vacay back to the South visiting Saint Simon’s Island in south Georgia and then Mt Dora in Florida before taking a two week road trip up to the Pacific Northwest for the Seattle Gift Show to showcase JCJ’s Fall Collection. This was all before the hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the southern coasts! Luckily my family located there stayed safe, and I am thankful for that!

The Pacific Northwest is simply breath taking and the Seattle Gift show was an awesome experience, we were lucky enough to catch the eclipse where up there too! After the show, I spent a day up in Vancouver as well photographing jewelry in Lynn Canyon. Such a beautiful city and area as well!


I am so thankful for the weeks of adventure driving up and down the West Coast, and I am holding on to all the gorgeous inspiration I gathered along the way while I settle back into the busy studio days back here in Los Angeles. I am looking forward to the next few holiday months and seeing what new growth and experience will be had here in the JCJ beach studio!


In love & light,