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JCJ Day in the Life - Miss Holli aka Miss Jazzy Belle aka Holliwood

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I met Holli while we were both attending the Savannah College of Art & Design in beautiful Savannah, GA. We had many of the same friends and would see each other at parties and art events. We didn't get close however until after college, when I would visit Austin, TX where Holli now lives. We quickly became close soul sisters almost overnight, and she has visited me here in Los Angeles too. Our conversations always pick up wherever we left them each time we see each other or talk on the phone. She is the epitome of beauty, and her soul reflects such an inspirational and loving light on her and all those lucky enough to be around her. I am so grateful for this babe- thank you, Holli for being my soul sister and constant source of love, inspiration, and joy. Thanks so much for taking the time for JCJ!! 

<3 love and light


Here is her interview! 

When is your birthday, and what is your sign?

October 26th, Scorpio, Aries Moon.


How old are you?


Where do you live? What is one of your favorite things about where you live?

Austin, Texas.
Austin reminds me of everything I loved growing up, my roots in Northern California and my college days in Savannah, Georgia. It’s the perfect blend, west coast vibe meets southern charm, pace, and friendly hospitality. A small town feel, yet thriving creative opportunistic city; with rivers, lakes, trails, plenty of outdoor adventures to be had.


What is your favorite color and why?
Bare with me. I went to Savannah College of Art and Design for Interior Design. Colors truly have a sentimental meaning to me, even more so than any color theory can ever depict. I will say I have always leaned towards vibrant and saturated jewel tones over pastels.

Turquoise might have been my first love in elementary school,  Being Native American Indian and my great grandmother collecting pieces during her lifetime, I was fascinated and began my own collection, including a ring she regularly wore.

When I was in high school, deep sultry purples and lavenders were my muse, I painted two tone striped walls in my bedroom, inspired from matching sheets, painted my silhouette of me contemplating life with a paintbrush… I was moody and wanted to lay on my canopy bed, write in my diary, listen to Jewel and cry about my love life. Who will save your soul? haha

College was full of black staples to always look professional and classic, okay maybe I was a bit of a punk too, but my room was my greek island oasis… white, cobalt blue, and hints of orange. If I were really needing rejuvenation, it was laying in the park or nearby square in Savannah, staring up at the ‘sage green’ spanish moss hanging from the trees.

Right now in my early 30s, my favorite colors tend to follow the trends, I’m crazy for deep green tones, my bedroom headboard wall is dark and moody like an army fort. And my kitchen accent wall is chalkboard green. I really crave the masculine warmth thru the fall and winter months… but know in the spring if you paint everything else bright clean crisp white, it’s still a stunning backdrop.

How would you describe your style?

I would say Bohemian throw-on-and-go. I rock plain-jane bone-straight hair and bangs that I air dry to sleepy waves. I rarely wear makeup and if so, mascara and done. Throw on vintage pieces, band shirts, leggings, sweaters, tore up jeans and a tee, hooked on solids, and that most unique print…. cons, vans, sandals. Sounds legit right?

I’ll be honest, I also deemed my boyfriend my stylist, because he is always up with the newest fashion trends and has that quick eye. I’ve ask him to style me up with what I’ve had mixed with his oversized shirts rolled up, so I haven’t bought myself stuff much these past few years.  

I realized just last week, I don’t feel deserving of it, I’m not working hard enough to be the artist I am, so I kind of starve myself from rewards. I don’t need anything, but realize I’m quite unhappy with the same ol’ stuff I’ve collected for decades. I’m the girl that grabs a million things to try on, likes them all, but doesn’t looooove them, so I walk away from absolutely everything and feel proud for not spending a dime, but empty for not purchasing the pieces my wardrobe desperately needs to work. So I’ve reached an exciting crossroad of change, where weeding out the closet and lightening the load is the most important thing to feel fresh, new, and living in the now, not the past (pieces of old sentiment: not meaning vintage). Getting rid piles of clothes that just overwhelm me, and leave me saying the typical annoying “I have nothing to wear” statement on the daily. My biggest, most rewarding project for myself right now, is creating an affordable, minimalist wardrobe that is versatile and easy to manage.

What inspires you?

EVERYTHING IN LIFE, ABOUT LIFE. Emotions. Exercise. Fresh Air. Love. Architecture. Artwork. Thinking. Meditation. Yoga. The Ocean. Alan Watts. Kute Blackson. Ted Talks. Podcasts. Music. Set Design. Wrinkles in faces. People being real and authentic. New Point of View. Being Unapologetic. Observing how people interact and live.



Vodka or Whiskey?

Whisky always because of its grain and fermentation flavors, and specifically a love for Bourbon. So many incredible cocktails can be made from whisky. Vodka though, is a neutral grain spirit, so its flavors have been removed in distillation… if I want a light grain, gin is truly stunning, and can be presented in a range of palettes. My new found love is Mezcal. I was fortunate enough to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico this past April with my boyfriend Brice and his bar family, we were amazed by the ability to sip it all day long and not feel drunk, lose your inhibitions, or have a hangover. The secret is in the primitive distillation.

*Brice works for a phenomenal cocktail bar here in Austin, whenever you visit please come enjoy The Roosevelt Room… It’s taken my drinking appreciation to a whole nother level. Their huge menu is designed around cocktail Era’s, when drinks were introduced into society, making everyone feel like true liquor connoisseurs for the night.  

Who do you look up to and why?

Idolizing people can be detrimental to loving ourselves and others, flairs up the ego. So I say everyone, we are all here to teach and learn from one another.

So for example I look up to you…. my dear friend Jen and your passion to create JCJ jewelry, why? because you just do it, don’t hold back! Those who create and act on life and don’t get stuck, you are all my heros, because I overthink and hold back I admire that to the fullest. I’m working thru it.

I had quite a few mentors growing up. I love the woman who has a knack for making everyone feel noticed and admired. I love the soft spoken man who is straight and to the point, but his heart is full of gold. Who can talk about the universe all night and make you see outside yourself. People who dish out tough love, don’t steer from the truth, strive to be better, though never too annoyed to stop and help others along the way.

Everyone can teach you a lesson, it’s about seeing the good in each other.


What would you pick as your spirit animal?

My own beautiful black lab, weimaraner dog, Miss Jazzybelle. Her Name: I handed over my college alias…. which was taken from the old skool song created by Outkast (Big Boi and Andre 3000) on their “Atliens” album. This girl is just like me, just in dog form… gets wild quickly, is goofy as all hell, love to get down and have a good time, be off leash and run free on the trails, wants to meet everyone, afraid to jump in the water, but wade her way in and never wants to leave… can sleep and cuddle for hours on end… extremely intelligent, wants to be included in all conversations.


What is one thing you can’t live without?

Breaking the rules… here’s a few.

Taking photos… they are my memory bank.
Talking… I should seriously take a silence vow for even a week.
my hands to create with…. I should use them more!


Who is your favorite musician or band?
Are you kidding, anything and everything new and old, sometimes older the better. Music is home. It’s so nostalgic, gives me dejavu, makes me cry, makes me work out harder… gets me motivated in the morning, is always playing in my house, car, shower. All of it, except when you’re just not in the mood for whatever that is you just played.

Check out new quirky Austin band making their way up…. Batty Jr.
I’m crazy about them.


What is your favorite song?
everything with the SAX. That sax sounds gets me going, 80s baby.


If you could broadcast 1 message across the world, what would it be?

Be willing to look and learn outside your perception, our differences are just an illusion of separatism created by the ego, awakening the spirit unites us.

A little known fact about you?

I have skin discoloration all over my body, some sort of fungus/virus that takes years to get rid of…. ugh!


How do you know me? What is our connection?

YAYYYY first and foremost we are soul sisters! We went to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) together.


What is your favorite JCJ design and why? (doesn’t have to be one you own!)

All the bullet pieces. I have the blue crystal one that is stunning. But really love the turquoise and white howlite bullet necklaces. Always adore the hammered hoops and Texas/California state pieces.   

What would you like to see JCJ design in the future that you don’t already see with our brand?

Personally I love light-weight brass earrings… linear, minimal pieces, dainty chain chokers, or even leather choker straps with choices of tiny pendants. Or here goes my artist brain…. collaboration with another jeweller you love. A lil exclusive limited edition item!