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JCJ Day in the Life Takeover - Bambi

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This month's JCJ Takeover features CAROLINE: My sister, JCJ model and designer, veterinarian doctor, free spirit, and princess almost bride to be!! Thank you, Bambi, for taking the time to show us a sneak peak into the hectic life of planning a wedding while starting your amazing career as a veterinarian in Fort Collins, Colorado!


When is your birthday, and what is your sign?

June 10th and I am a Gemini.


How old are you?

I am 29 years young. 


Where do you live? What is one of your favorite things about where you live?

I live in Fort Collins Colorado! My favorite thing about Fort Collins? EVERYTHING! I love that I can easily access rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, shoe shoeing, and horseback riding. It is so easy to do something fun outdoors. I also love the local community mindset of Fort Collins. 


What is your favorite color and why?

Forest Green because it is the color of Mother Nature. And the color of my first jeep. I also like lime green. 


How would you describe your style?

Colorado hippie. 


What inspires you?

Advocating for and helping animals and their human counterparts. 


Handcrafted DVM Symbol made by JCJ 

Handcrafted DVM Symbol made by JCJ 

Who do you look up to and why?

Dr. Teva Stone for mentoring me in veterinary medicine and showing me you can be successful, happy, and make a living as a veterinarian here in Fort Collins.  

Dr. Tracey Jensen for starting her own (successful) veterinary practice here on the Front Range of Northern Colorado. 


What would you pick as your spirit animal?

Red Fox – they are small, cunning, adorable, and nocturnal. 


What is one thing you can’t live without?

Nico (my fiancé) and Coffee. 


Who is your favorite musician or band?

Bob Dylan is my absolute favorite. I also really like Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend, and Mickey Avalon. 


Whiskey or vodka?

Sorry Jen, I know you love your whiskey and you’ve tried to convince me to love it, by making me drink it, over and over. And over. But I prefer vodka! 


What is your favorite song?

The first song that came to my mind when I read this question is Otis Redding – Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. On the Road Again – because it reminds me of all the memories of road trips Jen and I have taken together over the years. 

Lately, I have also been enjoying ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’ and ‘Honey, I’m Good’. 


A little known fact about you?

I am afraid of heights. You’d think that is not a big deal, but I am also a rock climber. I literally cannot let go/jump/fall from the top of bouldering walls. It’s embarrassing. 


What’s your guilty pleasure song to sing at the top of your lungs, windows down, wind in your hair kind of singing?

Hotel California and T Swift Blank Space 


How do you know me? What is our connection?



What is your favorite JCJ design and why? (doesn’t have to be one you own!)

The heart with wings is still my absolute favorite, because it is original JCJ inspiration. My other favorites are my heart necklace and my new favorite is my turquoise stone set in a 223 bullet.  


What new designs or pieces would you like to see at JCJ?

Greek style upper arm bands! I’ve been pushing Jen to make these for a while, maybe now she finally will that I’ve said it in writing J