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"Take Flight with JCJ" Day in the Life Takeover - Wendra

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Looking radiant in her Copper Domed Earrings and InfinityLove Necklace

Looking radiant in her Copper Domed Earrings and InfinityLove Necklace

Here is our 3rd JCJ Day in the Life Takeover, and this is a very unique perspective because my lovely friend, Wendra, took us on her daily adventures as an American Airlines flight attendant, in this special edition named “Take Flight with JCJ!” where she flew from LAX to Honolulu, Hawaii to New York City, and back to Los Angeles!


Wendra and I met through Craigslist (a roommate ad gone RIGHT!) and we became fast friends both sharing a love for our dogs (shout-out to Mario and Dasher), yoga, and healthy living while staying close to the ocean in our bright, sunny apartment in El Segundo (I did leave my wallet there). Wendra has taught me the wonderful benefits of an organic and raw diet with the occasional glass of wine or champagne, of course. She has a heart bigger than most, and she shines nothing but positive, supportive love to her close friends and family- and I am so thankful for her! She has been mistaken for Julianne Moore (red hair, don’t care), and she’s flown many celebrities on her LA-NY trips, including John Stamos and Keith Richards! Check out her beautiful photos and mini interview below!

When is your birthday, and what is your sign?

June 10th. Gemini


Where do you live? What is one of your favorite things about where you live?

El Segundo. I love living next to the ocean


What is your favorite color and why?

I love purple and green. Purple for no reason other than I like the color and green because it reminds me of nature and the environment


How would you describe your style?

Classic with an earthy edge


What inspires you?

The ocean, the beach, mountains


Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Who do you look up to and why?

People that leave their secure jobs to start their own business. I love that they aren't afraid of risk and that they believe in what they are doing


What would you pick as your spirit animal?

Definitely a dog. I love how you can see their souls when you look into their eyes. I'm sure they can see ours


Copper Domed Earrings and smiles for days!

Copper Domed Earrings and smiles for days!

What is one thing you can’t live without?

Yoga. It grounds me both literally and metaphorically. Very important with my job!


Who is your favorite musician or band?

I've been a big fan of Sting and The Police since the 80s


Whiskey or vodka?



New York City!

New York City!

What is your favorite song?

Estimated Prophet by The Grateful Dead


A little known fact about you?

I love to read!

Sterling silver simply elegant hoops!

Sterling silver simply elegant hoops!