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Birthstone Monthly Spotlight: March + Aquamarine

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Birthstone Monthly Spotlight: March + Aquamarine


The March birthstone is the serene, tranquil Aquamarine, the color of the deep sea which is believed to keep one calm and peaceful. Aquamarine has a pale, deep green blue color, and it is associated with loyalty, courage, and friendship.

This stone of the ocean was considered sacred to Neptune, Roman God of the Sea. The association with the sea has made this stone a sacred gem for sailors, promising a prosperous and safe voyage for all those at sea. The stone was also believed to provide sailors protection against the perils and monsters of the sea. The Greeks wore amulets made of aquamarine engraved with Poseidon, the God of the Sea, on a chariot.


The word Aquamarine is made up of two Latin words:  ‘aqua’ or water and ‘marina’, the sea.


Aquamarines vary in color from deep blue to bluish-green, with differing intensities due to the varying quantities of iron in the beryl crystal. Naturally occurring deep blue aquamarine stones are rare, expensive and in high demand.


This gemstone is mined in Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Brazil, Mozambique and Madagascar, with Brazil being the largest source.


The aquamarine is believed to have healing powers, effective in curing ailments of the liver, jaws, stomach and throat.



The second birthstone for March is the bloodstone. Bloodstone – also known as heliotrope is a form of quartz. This quartz variety is also called chalcedony. Green chalcedony spotted with flecks of red is known as bloodstone. Bloodstone is found embedded in rocks, or as pebbles in riverbeds. The best sources of this stone are India, Brazil, and Australia.


Babylonians used this stone to make seals and amulets, and it was also a favorite with Roman gladiators. In the Middle Ages, bloodstone was believed to hold healing powers, particularly for stopping nosebleeds. Powdered and mixed with honey and white of egg, it was believed to cure tumors and stop all types of hemorrhage. Ancient alchemists used it to treat blood disorders, including blood poisoning and the flow of blood from a wound. Bloodstone was also believed to draw out the venom of snakes.


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