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JCJ Day in the Life - Molly

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This installment of the JCJ Day in the Life Takeover is a very special one to me. My best friend from high school just recently had her lovely birthday and came to Los Angeles to celebrate Cali style. Molly is one of my dearest, longest friends and we have had so many adventures in so many different cities together – our Los Angeles adventure was definitely due! I am so grateful to her for taking the time to add her incredible creative spark to JCJ for this “takeover” – she has been a creative inspiration and muse to me for many, many years and continues to teach me and inspire me even with our homes being across the country from each other. Molly, you are a true soul sister twin to me, and my gratitude for you is endless. Thank you for your constant encouragement, your effortless sense of incredible fashion sense, and making me laugh like simply no one else can. You are such a babe and one of my brightest shining stars! Let’s plan your next JCJ Takeover on location in Austin!! ;) XO

Rockin her Bullet Proof Talisman Necklace with White Howlite

Rockin her Bullet Proof Talisman Necklace with White Howlite

When is your birthday? 10/10!


What is your sign? Sun sign: LibraMoon sign: Leo


How old are you?  Eep..almost 31, probably 31 by the time this publishes! 


Where do you live? The city of brotherly love, Philadelphia


What is one of your favorite things about where you live? I love the small town vibe, such a cozy city. 


What is your favorite color and why? White. Which is technically the presence of all colors. It's beautiful and simple and calming. 


How would you describe your style? Classic with an edge. 


What inspires you? Music, art, people, moments


Vodka or Whiskey? Whiskey!! Drank too much vodka with JC of JCJ when we were young!


Who do you look up to and why? I've never known how to answer that. Is that bad? 


What would you pick as your spirit animal? My cat, George. He's so weird but he knows what he's doin 😎


What is one thing you can’t live without? My people


Who is your favorite musician or band?  Of all time: Wu Tang, Bon Iver, James Taylor ...and now, well I can't deny my love for Drake. 


What is your favorite song? Currently Timmys Prayer by Sampha or Friends by Francis & The Lights ft. Bon Iver - But of all time? Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac or This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads...another part of me wants to say Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. Depends on the mood :)


If you could broadcast 1 message across the world, what would it be? MEDITATE.


A little known fact about you? I'm a black belt in karate!


How do you know me? What is our connection? Twins. Best friends. Souls sista's since 2001


What is your favorite JCJ design and why? (doesn’t have to be one you own!) The Herkimer Diamond Ring is not only gorgeous but has powerful metaphysical properties! Dream ring.


What would you like to see JCJ design in the future that you don’t already see with our brand? More crystals :) But honestly, anything Jennie touches automatically has good energy put in to it.