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Holiday Spotlight: The Emergi Collection- embracing the soulful peace of mind

Jennifer CervelliComment

 'Emergi', to rise up, emerge, free oneself. Forged, hammered, and fabricated fine jewelry using conflict free, stunning gemstones and raw metal. 

This collection was the first to be designed when JCJ was founded in 2007. The Emergi Collection is inspired by the gratitude the soul feels when you are able to feel true peace in your heart. These moments might be fleeting - but they are what drives us to keep going, to keep working hard, and to keep trying to make the best life we can for ourselves. 

Each design is based on this feeling - whether XOs for love, family, and friendship- the crosses for personal spirituality- or the raw, organic metal designs for freedom of the spirit. 

Each day is a journey, and the best we can do is to keep encouraging each other, keep smiling, and keep working towards making every moment the best it can be. This collection embodies that desire- I hope this holiday season, you take moments to yourself to reflect on cherishing these quiet, rare fleeting feelings of peace among the hustle and bustle and excitement of the holiday season!

<3 In love & light,