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Why Buy Handmade Jewelry This Holiday Season

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Handmade jewelry is so special because the hands of a real person with a real heart and soul create it with the greatest attention to detail. Time honored techniques and skills are used to create each piece. That artist’s energy goes into every item created.

Jewelry is wearable art. Whether we buy art to mirror our lives, to express our identity, to enhance our quality of life, to decorate our homes, or for the pride and profit of collecting art, most of us buy art because we like art. You are supporting and investing in something so special by purchasing handmade jewelry. Each piece made at JCJ is created only from recycled, conflict free metal and gemstones.

Last year, UncommonGoods posted this amazing article that I would love to share with you on why handmade jewelry has a higher value and appreciation than manufactured jewelry -

I am also so excited to announce the 1st OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the 1st annual edition of the Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry Exclusive Holiday Collection - Thursday November 5th, 2015! We will launch photos and stories behind the design as well as all the information on this amazing new limited edition collection, available only during the short holiday months!

Thank you so much for your continued support and patronage- everyday I feel so much gratitude for each of you out there supporting JCJ. :) Share your love and thoughts in the comments below or email us anytime,

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Every JCJ piece is handmade in our beachside California studio <3